A Private Money Lender Can Provide You With Any Type of Loan

There may be times in our lives when we may be a bit hard strapped for cash and we cannot put off making payments for various things like rent, utility bills, fees, medical bills, mortgages etc. We then have to find various ways and means of procuring some money to make these payments and tide us over till we receive our next salary. This is when we can turn to a money lender or a bank who can give us the money we require and we in turn can repay the money along with a percentage of interest at regular intervals.

Getting a personal or short term loan

There are several licensed companies besides banks that offer personal or short term loan services in Singapore quickly and easily for any purpose. Whether you just need a little money to get you through till your next salary payday or if you need to borrow money to pay for an emergency or if want to purchase something, a money lending company will be able to provide you with the necessary funds with the least amount of fuss and documentation and in the shortest possible time. You can get a low interest personal loan in Singapore with repayment options that are extremely flexible. Provided all the required conditions are fulfilled by the applicant, the loan specialists will grant an approval for the required loan.

Applying for a business loan

One can also avail of business loan services in Singapore from a money lending company. Whether you need a loan to start a new company or venture or, you need the funds to expand your existing business or, if your company is going through hard times and you need extra funds to sustain your company, unsecured business loans are available from these money lending companies. There are a few criteria to enable one to be eligible of this type of loan, firstly that the borrower must be over 21 years of age and secondly that he or she must be a Singapore national or permanent resident of Singapore. There is also certain documentation that will have to be provided.

Loans for foreigners in Singapore

Another type of service that is provided is a Foreigner loan service. This type of borrowing money is available to foreigners who are residing in Singapore and who might require money in an emergency or for any other reason. Any foreigner who requires money will have to have a valid passport and visa, if they are working in Singapore they will have to show their employment pass and also they will have to over the age of 21 years, only then will they be eligible to avail of this kind of loan. If these documents are not available then the loan cannot be sanctioned by the private money lender in Singapore