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A Private Money Lender Can Provide You With Any Type of Loan

There may be times in our lives when we may be a bit hard strapped for cash and we cannot put off making payments for various things like rent, utility bills, fees, medical bills, mortgages etc. We then have to find various ways and means of procuring some money to make these payments and tide us over till we receive our next salary. This is when we can turn to a money lender or a bank who can give us the money we require and we in turn can repay the money along with a percentage of interest at regular intervals.

Getting a personal or short term loan

There are several licensed companies besides banks that offer personal or short term loan services in Singapore quickly and easily for any purpose. Whether you just need a little money to get you through till your next salary payday or if you need to borrow money to pay for an emergency or if want to purchase something, a money lending company will be able to provide you with the necessary funds with the least amount of fuss and documentation and in the shortest possible time. You can get a low interest personal loan in Singapore with repayment options that are extremely flexible. Provided all the required conditions are fulfilled by the applicant, the loan specialists will grant an approval for the required loan.

Applying for a business loan

One can also avail of business loan services in Singapore from a money lending company. Whether you need a loan to start a new company or venture or, you need the funds to expand your existing business or, if your company is going through hard times and you need extra funds to sustain your company, unsecured business loans are available from these money lending companies. There are a few criteria to enable one to be eligible of this type of loan, firstly that the borrower must be over 21 years of age and secondly that he or she must be a Singapore national or permanent resident of Singapore. There is also certain documentation that will have to be provided.

Loans for foreigners in Singapore

Another type of service that is provided is a Foreigner loan service. This type of borrowing money is available to foreigners who are residing in Singapore and who might require money in an emergency or for any other reason. Any foreigner who requires money will have to have a valid passport and visa, if they are working in Singapore they will have to show their employment pass and also they will have to over the age of 21 years, only then will they be eligible to avail of this kind of loan. If these documents are not available then the loan cannot be sanctioned by the private money lender in Singapore

South African Economy- A Haven of Natural Resources

The South African economy is the largest in the continent of Africa. It accounts for almost 24% of its GDP in terms of purchasing power. The World Bank has ranked its economy as an upper-middle income one, making it the fourth African country to suit the category, with the others being Mauritius, Gabon and Botswana. The country shifted from primary and secondary economy to one that is primarily driven by the tertiary sector, in the middle of 20th century. Today, it is these sectors that earn about 65% of the GDP. Its economy is divided between mining, agriculture, fisheries, food processing, vehicle manufacturing, textiles, energy, telecommunications, business and financial services, transportation, tourism and retail and wholesale trade. Hence, with this diverse economy, South Africa procurement is certainly not a bad idea.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

The industry of agriculture formally employs about 10% of the country’s population, and provides work to casual laborers as well. The sector contributes about 2.6% to the country’s GDP. The figure is not very impressive because much of the land in South Africa is arid, allowing just 13.5% to be used for cultivation. And within this 13.5%, only 3% is considered to be the most arable. Unfortunately, even this much land cannot be used to its optimum level due to farm attacks, a common crime in the country.

Maize is the most important crop of South Africa. It is a staple food as well as an export crop. Besides, the nation also exports peanuts, beans, sunflower seeds, soybeans, sugarcane etc. Fruits like grapes, which is used for wine-making, is also a popular export item of the nation.

Mining has been one of the main reasons behind the development of Africa. In fact, it is the most-developed and richest sector in its economy. Ever since the discovery of a diamond on the banks of the river Orange, Africa did not look back as far as the sector of mining is concerned. Hence, if you have been thinking about South Africa procurement, getting mined products from them can be a profitable idea. However, South Africa presently is not at its all-time best position in gold and diamond production, but the country still maintains the fifth position in the world’s leading gold manufacturers. The nation is also the largest producer of iron ore, platinum, manganese, chrome, vanadium, vermiculite etc.

The country exports coal, gold, diamonds, platinum, machinery, devices etc.

Industries and Exports

With a figure of 15%, the manufacturing industry does not contribute much to the country’s GDP. Though its labor costs are low, it is not as low as that of the emerging markets; besides, the expenses related to communications, transport and general living are much higher.

The automotive industry employs almost 36,000 employees; it accounts for about 10% of its export items, contributing around 7.5% to the nation’s GDP. South Africa’s major automobile export partners are Japan, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Besides, the country also earns from the industries of iron and steel, chemicals, food and beverages etc.

South Africa procurement, thus, basically comprises maize, gold, diamond, fruits, sugar, wool, metal and minerals. And it deals majorly with countries like U.S.A, Japan, China, Germany, U.K., Spain etc.

Richard Cayne Meyer International – Benefits of Mutual Fund Investments

While we have discussed at length regarding the basics of mutual funds in previous posts, in this post we shall talk about the various advantages of investing in them. Richard Cayne, Managing Director at Meyer International Ltd. says that investing in mutual funds is perhaps one of the simplest ways of making your money work hard to create wealth. The following are some of the advantages of investing in this vehicle according to Richard Cayne:

Choices – Mutual funds allow you to invest in different classes of funds such as stocks, money market funds as well as bonds. This gives you a greater range of investment vehicles to choose from and invest in; thereby allowing you greater freedom to create a portfolio that best suits your specific needs according to Richard Cayne Meyer.

Professional Portfolio Management – Richard Cayne states that the success of any investment depends on the kind of research and management that goes into it. Since mutual funds are handled by experienced and reliable professionals, this element is automatically taken care of, as they keep a close eye on the respective investments within making sure your investment makes the most of current conditions.

Diversification – Richard Cayne states mutual funds automatically offer investors with the chance to invest in different types of securities, thereby reducing the risk that comes with investing into only a few. Mutual funds allow one to pool their money with other investors in order to better diversify from collective funds, which is usually not possible when investing on your own unless your assets are sufficiently large enough to be able to diversify into dozens or even hundreds of investments.

Better Liquidity – Mutual funds are essentially a form of liquid investment and can easily be sold or liquidated when needed. However, since these are pooled funds, most companies have a few rules pertaining to a standard lock in period and after how long can one liquidate their investment without attracting losses or affecting other investors who themselves do not wish to sell. Still, Richard Cayne Meyer states that they are more readily liquefiable than most investment vehicles out there.

Richard Cayne having lived in Tokyo Japan for over 15 years now resides in Bangkok Thailand and is the Managing Director of the Meyer Group which is comprised of Meyer Asset Management Ltd and Meyer International Ltd. The Meyer Group is part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings ltd which is a UK London stock market listed financial holdings company.

The Best of Financial Solvency Solutions to Bring you Out of your Situation

A lot many businesses and corporates throughout Australia have been looking for value added services and solution in the field of financial recovery. So the services of these specialised agencies are much sought after in the whole of the continent where business houses do face slack economic and financial situations. In the current time when the economy is going through rough patches and facing the effect of a global slowdown, businesses often declare themselves as bankrupt as they do not have the ability to pay back their dues and credits. So in such a situation it is always advised to take the help of a renowned financial agency that has all the skills and expertise to suggest the best possible technique to help you come out of the economic of financial slumber. Today a majority of business houses and companies who are encountering a situation where they have to shut down their business, they look for the expert advice of these consultancy firms who help them to come out of their financial woes.

Companies who are in a really bad financial shape has no other option than to go for a perfectly crafted company liquidation through the most experienced of liquidators and tax accountants. In this particular situation the consulting services of forensic accountants and specialised company liquidators is much sought after to bring you out of the trouble or financial mess. A lot many corporates are finding such consulting service extremely beneficial to come out of the crunch situation and get back to the glory days. This is very necessary to financially revive and reconstruct your organization and keep you business up and running. So the services of liquidators, insolvency experts, tax and forensic accountants is needed to help you overcome your financial situation and get back to your original healthy condition. This is where the services of specialised forensic tax accountants and liquidators come into play. A lot of business entities who are into financial slumber actually go for such value added business consulting service that helps in the revival process through tested and proven techniques. Therefore a lot of companies are going for corporate liquidation strategies to garner the maximum capital out of what they have and thus think of reviving their company.

So it is always advised to take the help of these financial consulting agencies who have the best of professionals to help you see your glory days. So if your business is going through bad times and on the verge of closure, you got to adopt the services of these agencies that specialize in an array of high end consulting solutions and create a qualitative turnaround for your business.

What do Investment Consultants do?

Investing money in any project requires a lot of thinking and planning. Even after all the careful planning, an investor still finds it vulnerable to risk. When in any such situation it is advisable to seek professional investment services. These services are provided by investment consultants who are highly professional and guide their clients through the process by helping them in deciding the best way there is for them. This way the clients do not need to worry about the best investing in addition to their other personal and professional responsibilities. These consultants are the reason behind so many businesses flourishing; investors decide to take calculated risks and these service providers make the process easier for their clients.

These investment services work two ways: either they take the entire responsibility of their client’s investing ventures and report to them about how things are going, or they offer advisory services where clients can seek their help before deciding to invest money in any of their ventures. Investment consultants ask their clients about their objectives and the risk they are prepared to take when taking responsibility of the project. As for the advisory services, they help clients save their time thinking and re-thinking about the investing.

Their experience in the field makes investment consultants dependable as they have an instinct about ways that things may go right or wrong for their client. If one is starting up a new business, taking professional investment services can help them from planning the business to recruiting the staff. These professionals help their clients in making decisions about any changes they want to make after the staff has been hired and any benefits the client might want to offer to their employees. These consultants are well-connected and know a lot of people in different areas; this may be another reason for an investor to seek their services.

Even if one has hired professional investment services, for active or advisory services, they must keep themselves updated with the progress of their consultant. Investors must be clear on the goals they want to achieve. They must keep their investment consultants informed about how far they plan to take their investing venture. As for consultants, they should co-ordinate with their clients so both are satisfied with the outcome of the investment. The best investment consultant manages to cater to the needs of the client even when the client makes changes according to their requirements.

Fisher Capital Management Korea News Japan Pledges $60 billion to IMF

Japan has pledged a USD 60 billion loan to the International Monetary Fund this week in an attempt to make sure that the debt crisis in Europe will not spread farther.

Jun Azumi, Finance Minister of Japan, has announced the emergency loan that would use the country’s foreign exchange reserves. The ministry added that Japan will formally announce the pledge during this week’s joint meeting of the G20, World Bank and IMF in Washington.

Japan, the third-largest economy in the world is the biggest donor outside of the Eurozone in IMF’s second round of reserve increase in the last three years. According to Fisher Capital Management Korea News, Japan is hoping that its pledge will accelerate and encourage more commitments from other countries such as China.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde was quick to welcome the initiative and encouraged other members to follow suit.

“This is an important step forward in the ongoing international effort to strengthen the adequacy of the global resources available to prevent and fight crises and to promote global economic stability,” said Lagarde.

Japan’s announcement of support came amidst international discussions on how to increase IMF lending facilities after it announced in January that it would need more resources to aid European nations in securing them against the sovereign debt crisis. However, Azumi said that Japan chose to help despite of its opinion that Europe had not made enough efforts by itself to boost crisis defenses.

IMF, acting as a lender of last resort for governments, is looking to boost its funding by USD 600 billion although securing clear commitments at the Washington meetings is bound to be difficult. For starters, largest shareholder United States has refused to take part in the efforts while Russia, Brazil and China express willingness to contribute if they will get more voting power for it. Canada is not at all interested in chipping in a fund to bail out Europe, saying that it only has enough resources to deal with its own crisis.

Lagarde seems pleased as Japan’s aid will add to the USD 200 billion of pledges that came from Eurozone countries, enabling a “decisive progress to be made” by the time of the conference.

It is crucial that IMF funding be reinforced to make sure an end to a crisis in the economy of, not only the Eurozone, but also of Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Portugal, Ireland and Greece have previously sought bailouts after their borrowing costs jumped and today, many are speculating that Spain might be next – the worst part is, it is considered very expensive to rescue. This increases the possibility that the Eurozone’s 4th-largest economy among its 17 euro-members may need an international bailout.

After IMF co-financed bailouts in Ireland, Portugal and Greece, it only has around USD 380 billion available in its fund reserves. Fortunately, Lagarde remarked last week that IMF might not need as much money as previously announced due to decreasing economic risks. Officials from G20 speculate that the major economies seem likely to agree in providing USD 400-500 billion.

Fisher Capital Management Korea News noted that Japan’s move probably aims to show that it is cooperating in the global economy’s condition. It is also aware that a stabilized European economy means a better market for them as well. Actually, it is in everybody’s interest that Europe recovers soon. Furthermore, Japan’s pledge might just add more stability to financial markets that are suffering over the past few weeks as crisis flared up in Spain again.


4 Reasons More Trend Followers Use Futures Instead of ETFs

Trend Followers have made a lot of money over the years, most notably Warren Buffett. Traditionally, those trend followers have made their money trading Futures. Here’s the question: “Why does most Trend Trading use Futures instead of ETFs?”

It’s a good question. Futures are more complex products, and do have more risk. They require a separate futures account, and have only a fraction of the number people trading them compared to the stock market. They’re pretty much off the main-stream investing radar.

Despite that fact, futures have advantages over stocks and ETFs which can make them far better for trend following. In fact, I find it difficult to believe you can be a successful trend trader over the long haul if you use ETFs only. However, that being said, you can have a great trend following strategy that does trade ETFs.

Because of the nature of ETFs, trend trading them can’t bring in the types of returns that a futures system does (numbers like 1200% higher than an average S&P account for example), but trend trading in general can do way more than your average stock account. By tracking trends and being able to make money on down markets you increase your profitability by default.

That’s important because while your system is slowly growing your money, most of all you’re not losing your money. It’s brilliant ( if I do say so myself).

But trend trading is traditionally in Futures.

For Trend Followers, the strengths of futures make a huge difference to long term profits. I’d estimate using futures doubles your potential profits over the long run.

Reason #1: Diversification

When I hear people who mostly trade in the stock market talk about diversification, I just laugh. The level of diversification in stocks is probably less than 25% that of the wider futures markets.

You can easily trade international gold, interest rates, stock markets, African commodities, European crude oil, U.S. grains, South American Coffee, 6-10 major currencies, U.S. energy markets, and more from your futures account. All of these have totally different economic exposures, completely different major players in those markets, and completely different delivery cycles.

It’s common for trend traders to choose from 25+ completely different markets.

Reason #2: Risk

It’s so important to only risk a little bit on each trade. I am thinking about putting “Risk only a little bit!” on my business card! If you get only one idea out of the huge number of articles on this blog, have it be “risk only a little bit”.

With futures, it’s possible to do this easily. It’s very, very easy to risk a prudent amount of money with futures.

Reason #3: Leverage

One great thing about futures is you can risk the proper, very small amount of money quite easily. But even better, you can do it without eating up your entire account. We talked about diversification before, and how futures markets are the definition of diversification.

What good is that divesification if you can’t use it? to trade well, you need to only risk a little bit per trade. But you also need exposure to many markets. It’s very hard to risk the right amount on many diverse markets without leverage.

Futures markets give you leverage. In fact, futures give you dangerous amounts of leverage. One of the reasons I stress keeping risk very small is because with any trading and futures in particular, it’s easy to let this risk get out of control.

This leverage is one of the major reasons why I think it’s hard to be a successful trend trader just using ETFs. It requires a special kind of trading to make ETFs work as a trend follower.

Reason #4: Easy to Short

Markets trends can go up or down. Of course, markets can go up. But most old time traders will tell you they prefer down markets. Why? The profits tend to be faster or bigger, and sometimes both!

Futures are literally designed to make them easy to short. Futures markets were created to help farmers sell their crops before they harvested them. This is the reason futures markets got started – to help people sell short easily.

This is part of the contract design today. It’s incredibly easy to go short a market in futures. There is no special charges or fees, and you don’t need to find out if you can short this market.

Nope- you just sell a futures contract. This makes it very, very easy to catch massive downtrends like the one in natural gas.

With stocks and ETFs, it requires a special margin account, and most brokers frown on letting people short stocks. Conclusion

Futures markets have difficulties, but they also have strengths too. The goal of trend trading is to make money, and to do this, a trend trading system needs to trade many markets both long and short, but still risk only a little bit!

Meeting these requirements isn’t easy. Futures allow trend traders to trade a huge range of markets easily, cheaply, and with the proper risk.

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The Major Advantages And Disadvantages of Discount Stock Brokers

Discount stock brokers are an outstanding choice particularly if you are a knowledgeable investor who may not need to take benefit of all of the added research tools selections provided by a full – service stockbroker. Discount stockbrokers can be used to conduct your simple trades on a daily basis while saving you a lot of money.

It must be noted nevertheless that not every trader will be best helped by the services of discount stock brokers. For the utmost part discount stockbrokers are the greatest selection of knowledgeable traders who know how to conduct their own research and market analysis. If you are fresh to stock trading and are not aware with all of the workings and difficult strategies of stock market investing in you must possibly stay with using full-service stockbrokers. For those of the trading for limited years nevertheless, discount stockbrokers may be an outstanding choice. There are numerous platforms being made by several companies that develop the trading experience.

One of the main disadvantages to discount stock-broker active for the maximum part you have no help when you want it. Discount stock brokers do not provide any type of live person-to-person advice, research and more complete analysis. Indeed, most of them provide flat-rate regular packages or no maintenance costs related to your brokerage account. This is somewhat that you will need to keep in mind when you are considering into discount stock-broker. The advantages as well as disadvantages of stockbrokers will need to be considered. Discount stockbrokers have a different amount of knowledge than other qualified financial professionals. This absence of training and knowledge can at times lead a person to get a stockbroker at a discount rate. Some of the trading companies employees these discount-stock brokers in order to act as a central man for the person wanting to promise the trade. The broker acts purely on orders that they are given as to what they are to do with a certain trade.

This is both a curse and a blessing in the point that you save money while not receiving any of the tools that a consistent stock broker will offer you. Discount-stock brokers are not always a wicked thing; several people find that they serve a valuable determination in the fact that they can do the things that must be done containing a trade without any of the other troubles. If you are new to the markets nevertheless, then the use of discount-stock brokers might not be good for you. However, the use of discount-stock brokers can be a very unsafe choice unless you are fully prepared to do all the additional work related to the trade that is usually done by the brokers at a full-service stock brokerage firm.

Simple Payday Loans Online Ways to Celebrate a Romantic Anniversary For Less

As soon as your anniversary date looms nearer, it is time to do some brainstorming and come up with romantic ways to celebrate this special affair. After all, it comes only once a year so you have plenty of time to prepare. And another good thing about preparing special occasions these days is that you can get plenty help, from fantastic ideas to financial aid. For instance, when you are strapped for cash during your anniversary and you have a bad credit, you can simply apply for the best bad credit payday loans lenders. These loans are provided within 24 hours so you don’t have to fear going without during this special occasion.

Now that you know money is going to be no object in preparing for this special event, you can now proceed to finding the most romantic surprise you could come up thus far. And to help you with this, here are some ideas you might want to consider.

Recreate date one. Every couple has their first date and it is a moment that is forever special. It could be a hilarious time, a fairytale-like moment, or even an odd one. It doesn’t matter what this special moment was but for a couple, it surely is a time that will forever complete their love story. We know you have your very own special first date memory. So in honor to your anniversary, why not recreate that first date moment. It will rekindle your love and bring you back to old times.

Write letters for each other. Because of a busy lifestyle and advances in communication today, couples barely have time to write each other an old school love letter. But now is the time to bring that back. Write each other a love letter as a gift on your anniversary.

Take a leave off work and make spontaneous plans. If you used to be a spontaneous couple, throwing all cares to the world and just go somewhere or do something unexpectedly, now is the time to do that again. And even if you weren’t the spontaneous type of couple, do it anyway. It will be exciting and a new experience altogether.

Play sports together. If you are a sporty type of couple, take time to enjoy each other’s favorite sport. This is a good chance to learn why the other loves the activity so. This will provide an opportunity for both of you to learn more things about each other.

Go on a second honeymoon. Nothing could be more romantic than going on a honeymoon for the second time around. Who says honeymoon is for newly weds only? As long as you area couple, you have all the right to celebrate your love anytime and anywhere you want. So save up, plan your trip, and enjoy your old romance for your anniversary.

Celebrating your anniversary in a special way provides a new meaning to your relationship. So don’t hesitate even if you have to apply for an online payday loan. You can use the money to execute any of the plans above especially when payday is away.

Priority Debts and Debt Management Plans

In order to explain how debt management services can help to clear outstanding liabilities in the most effective and stress-free way, it is useful to understand the various types of financial obligations that the average consumer has. This can enable you to identify the best debt solution to suit your current situation. We will start by looking at the different types of debt, which are classified as priority and non-priority.

Priority debts are those that are considered the most important. These include child maintenance, council tax, gas and electricity bills and arrears, hire purchase or conditional sale repayments, mortgage payments and arrears, rent and rent arrears, social fund loans, second mortgages or secured loan repayments, benefit overpayments, tax credit overpayments, tax arrears and magistrates’ court fines.

These have to be given priority because inability to meet these financial obligations could entail serious consequences such as repossession of your home, eviction from your rented home, disconnection of utility supplies or, in extreme cases, the possibility of imprisonment. In order to prevent these repercussions, you need to make payment arrangements with the relevant bodies before dealing with your remaining monetary commitments.

Non-priority refers to those outgoings that don’t entail such severe consequences of non-payment. These include bank loans and overdrafts, catalogue payments and arrears, charge cards, credit cards and various types of unsecured loans. It is important to also gain control of these as it is still possible for creditors to take legal action against you. This could adversely affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

There are various ways to deal with non-priority outgoings. These include Debt Management Plans, and debt consolidation loans where all the amounts you owe are amalgamated and repayments are replaced by one more manageable monthly payment. Debt management companies will be able to give you all the help you need which takes the stress of handling your monetary affairs away from you.

Finding the Best Debt Solution for You

The first step is to identify your needs and a professional company can help with this. The staff will look at your current financial situation including your income, basic necessities and expenditures and the total amount that you owe. It will be helpful to write down all your outgoings to gain an overall picture of your financial situation.

When making a list of your income and expenditure, try to ensure that you don’t miss anything. As well as payments that are taken from your bank account monthly you may have quarterly or annual bills and other amounts that you pay in cash such as bus fares and school dinner money. You should also make sure that you include creditors’ names on your list of outstanding balances together with details of how much you owe to each one.

As you choose from among the companies that offer debt management advice, make a careful study of how each of them goes about the process of managing bills and deferred payments. Take a note of their detailed plans and their specific pay off dates. The best companies will be able to work out for you a definite closing date for each of your accounts.

Whilst you are comparing the services offered by various companies, you may also want to compare the rates they charge. It is worthwhile noting, however, that the lowest rate does not necessarily guarantee the best standard of service. It is therefore wise to compare the range of services that each company offers to ensure that they cater for your distinct needs.

Back on Track Loans offers various methods to help you reduce your monthly outgoings. The company also provides debt consolidation loans for people with a poor credit history. Therefore, if you are not suitable for a DMP, you may find that a consolidation loan will help you. Because Back on Track has more than 250 lending options available the staff should be able to find a low cost product to suit you.