Richard Cayne Meyer International – Benefits of Mutual Fund Investments

While we have discussed at length regarding the basics of mutual funds in previous posts, in this post we shall talk about the various advantages of investing in them. Richard Cayne, Managing Director at Meyer International Ltd. says that investing in mutual funds is perhaps one of the simplest ways of making your money work hard to create wealth. The following are some of the advantages of investing in this vehicle according to Richard Cayne:

Choices – Mutual funds allow you to invest in different classes of funds such as stocks, money market funds as well as bonds. This gives you a greater range of investment vehicles to choose from and invest in; thereby allowing you greater freedom to create a portfolio that best suits your specific needs according to Richard Cayne Meyer.

Professional Portfolio Management – Richard Cayne states that the success of any investment depends on the kind of research and management that goes into it. Since mutual funds are handled by experienced and reliable professionals, this element is automatically taken care of, as they keep a close eye on the respective investments within making sure your investment makes the most of current conditions.

Diversification – Richard Cayne states mutual funds automatically offer investors with the chance to invest in different types of securities, thereby reducing the risk that comes with investing into only a few. Mutual funds allow one to pool their money with other investors in order to better diversify from collective funds, which is usually not possible when investing on your own unless your assets are sufficiently large enough to be able to diversify into dozens or even hundreds of investments.

Better Liquidity – Mutual funds are essentially a form of liquid investment and can easily be sold or liquidated when needed. However, since these are pooled funds, most companies have a few rules pertaining to a standard lock in period and after how long can one liquidate their investment without attracting losses or affecting other investors who themselves do not wish to sell. Still, Richard Cayne Meyer states that they are more readily liquefiable than most investment vehicles out there.

Richard Cayne having lived in Tokyo Japan for over 15 years now resides in Bangkok Thailand and is the Managing Director of the Meyer Group which is comprised of Meyer Asset Management Ltd and Meyer International Ltd. The Meyer Group is part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings ltd which is a UK London stock market listed financial holdings company.