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A Private Money Lender Can Provide You With Any Type of Loan

There may be times in our lives when we may be a bit hard strapped for cash and we cannot put off making payments for various things like rent, utility bills, fees, medical bills, mortgages etc. We then have to find various ways and means of procuring some money to make these payments and tide us over till we receive our next salary. This is when we can turn to a money lender or a bank who can give us the money we require and we in turn can repay the money along with a percentage of interest at regular intervals.

Getting a personal or short term loan

There are several licensed companies besides banks that offer personal or short term loan services in Singapore quickly and easily for any purpose. Whether you just need a little money to get you through till your next salary payday or if you need to borrow money to pay for an emergency or if want to purchase something, a money lending company will be able to provide you with the necessary funds with the least amount of fuss and documentation and in the shortest possible time. You can get a low interest personal loan in Singapore with repayment options that are extremely flexible. Provided all the required conditions are fulfilled by the applicant, the loan specialists will grant an approval for the required loan.

Applying for a business loan

One can also avail of business loan services in Singapore from a money lending company. Whether you need a loan to start a new company or venture or, you need the funds to expand your existing business or, if your company is going through hard times and you need extra funds to sustain your company, unsecured business loans are available from these money lending companies. There are a few criteria to enable one to be eligible of this type of loan, firstly that the borrower must be over 21 years of age and secondly that he or she must be a Singapore national or permanent resident of Singapore. There is also certain documentation that will have to be provided.

Loans for foreigners in Singapore

Another type of service that is provided is a Foreigner loan service. This type of borrowing money is available to foreigners who are residing in Singapore and who might require money in an emergency or for any other reason. Any foreigner who requires money will have to have a valid passport and visa, if they are working in Singapore they will have to show their employment pass and also they will have to over the age of 21 years, only then will they be eligible to avail of this kind of loan. If these documents are not available then the loan cannot be sanctioned by the private money lender in Singapore

The Best of Financial Solvency Solutions to Bring you Out of your Situation

A lot many businesses and corporates throughout Australia have been looking for value added services and solution in the field of financial recovery. So the services of these specialised agencies are much sought after in the whole of the continent where business houses do face slack economic and financial situations. In the current time when the economy is going through rough patches and facing the effect of a global slowdown, businesses often declare themselves as bankrupt as they do not have the ability to pay back their dues and credits. So in such a situation it is always advised to take the help of a renowned financial agency that has all the skills and expertise to suggest the best possible technique to help you come out of the economic of financial slumber. Today a majority of business houses and companies who are encountering a situation where they have to shut down their business, they look for the expert advice of these consultancy firms who help them to come out of their financial woes.

Companies who are in a really bad financial shape has no other option than to go for a perfectly crafted company liquidation through the most experienced of liquidators and tax accountants. In this particular situation the consulting services of forensic accountants and specialised company liquidators is much sought after to bring you out of the trouble or financial mess. A lot many corporates are finding such consulting service extremely beneficial to come out of the crunch situation and get back to the glory days. This is very necessary to financially revive and reconstruct your organization and keep you business up and running. So the services of liquidators, insolvency experts, tax and forensic accountants is needed to help you overcome your financial situation and get back to your original healthy condition. This is where the services of specialised forensic tax accountants and liquidators come into play. A lot of business entities who are into financial slumber actually go for such value added business consulting service that helps in the revival process through tested and proven techniques. Therefore a lot of companies are going for corporate liquidation strategies to garner the maximum capital out of what they have and thus think of reviving their company.

So it is always advised to take the help of these financial consulting agencies who have the best of professionals to help you see your glory days. So if your business is going through bad times and on the verge of closure, you got to adopt the services of these agencies that specialize in an array of high end consulting solutions and create a qualitative turnaround for your business.

4 Reasons More Trend Followers Use Futures Instead of ETFs

Trend Followers have made a lot of money over the years, most notably Warren Buffett. Traditionally, those trend followers have made their money trading Futures. Here’s the question: “Why does most Trend Trading use Futures instead of ETFs?”

It’s a good question. Futures are more complex products, and do have more risk. They require a separate futures account, and have only a fraction of the number people trading them compared to the stock market. They’re pretty much off the main-stream investing radar.

Despite that fact, futures have advantages over stocks and ETFs which can make them far better for trend following. In fact, I find it difficult to believe you can be a successful trend trader over the long haul if you use ETFs only. However, that being said, you can have a great trend following strategy that does trade ETFs.

Because of the nature of ETFs, trend trading them can’t bring in the types of returns that a futures system does (numbers like 1200% higher than an average S&P account for example), but trend trading in general can do way more than your average stock account. By tracking trends and being able to make money on down markets you increase your profitability by default.

That’s important because while your system is slowly growing your money, most of all you’re not losing your money. It’s brilliant ( if I do say so myself).

But trend trading is traditionally in Futures.

For Trend Followers, the strengths of futures make a huge difference to long term profits. I’d estimate using futures doubles your potential profits over the long run.

Reason #1: Diversification

When I hear people who mostly trade in the stock market talk about diversification, I just laugh. The level of diversification in stocks is probably less than 25% that of the wider futures markets.

You can easily trade international gold, interest rates, stock markets, African commodities, European crude oil, U.S. grains, South American Coffee, 6-10 major currencies, U.S. energy markets, and more from your futures account. All of these have totally different economic exposures, completely different major players in those markets, and completely different delivery cycles.

It’s common for trend traders to choose from 25+ completely different markets.

Reason #2: Risk

It’s so important to only risk a little bit on each trade. I am thinking about putting “Risk only a little bit!” on my business card! If you get only one idea out of the huge number of articles on this blog, have it be “risk only a little bit”.

With futures, it’s possible to do this easily. It’s very, very easy to risk a prudent amount of money with futures.

Reason #3: Leverage

One great thing about futures is you can risk the proper, very small amount of money quite easily. But even better, you can do it without eating up your entire account. We talked about diversification before, and how futures markets are the definition of diversification.

What good is that divesification if you can’t use it? to trade well, you need to only risk a little bit per trade. But you also need exposure to many markets. It’s very hard to risk the right amount on many diverse markets without leverage.

Futures markets give you leverage. In fact, futures give you dangerous amounts of leverage. One of the reasons I stress keeping risk very small is because with any trading and futures in particular, it’s easy to let this risk get out of control.

This leverage is one of the major reasons why I think it’s hard to be a successful trend trader just using ETFs. It requires a special kind of trading to make ETFs work as a trend follower.

Reason #4: Easy to Short

Markets trends can go up or down. Of course, markets can go up. But most old time traders will tell you they prefer down markets. Why? The profits tend to be faster or bigger, and sometimes both!

Futures are literally designed to make them easy to short. Futures markets were created to help farmers sell their crops before they harvested them. This is the reason futures markets got started – to help people sell short easily.

This is part of the contract design today. It’s incredibly easy to go short a market in futures. There is no special charges or fees, and you don’t need to find out if you can short this market.

Nope- you just sell a futures contract. This makes it very, very easy to catch massive downtrends like the one in natural gas.

With stocks and ETFs, it requires a special margin account, and most brokers frown on letting people short stocks. Conclusion

Futures markets have difficulties, but they also have strengths too. The goal of trend trading is to make money, and to do this, a trend trading system needs to trade many markets both long and short, but still risk only a little bit!

Meeting these requirements isn’t easy. Futures allow trend traders to trade a huge range of markets easily, cheaply, and with the proper risk.

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Priority Debts and Debt Management Plans

In order to explain how debt management services can help to clear outstanding liabilities in the most effective and stress-free way, it is useful to understand the various types of financial obligations that the average consumer has. This can enable you to identify the best debt solution to suit your current situation. We will start by looking at the different types of debt, which are classified as priority and non-priority.

Priority debts are those that are considered the most important. These include child maintenance, council tax, gas and electricity bills and arrears, hire purchase or conditional sale repayments, mortgage payments and arrears, rent and rent arrears, social fund loans, second mortgages or secured loan repayments, benefit overpayments, tax credit overpayments, tax arrears and magistrates’ court fines.

These have to be given priority because inability to meet these financial obligations could entail serious consequences such as repossession of your home, eviction from your rented home, disconnection of utility supplies or, in extreme cases, the possibility of imprisonment. In order to prevent these repercussions, you need to make payment arrangements with the relevant bodies before dealing with your remaining monetary commitments.

Non-priority refers to those outgoings that don’t entail such severe consequences of non-payment. These include bank loans and overdrafts, catalogue payments and arrears, charge cards, credit cards and various types of unsecured loans. It is important to also gain control of these as it is still possible for creditors to take legal action against you. This could adversely affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

There are various ways to deal with non-priority outgoings. These include Debt Management Plans, and debt consolidation loans where all the amounts you owe are amalgamated and repayments are replaced by one more manageable monthly payment. Debt management companies will be able to give you all the help you need which takes the stress of handling your monetary affairs away from you.

Finding the Best Debt Solution for You

The first step is to identify your needs and a professional company can help with this. The staff will look at your current financial situation including your income, basic necessities and expenditures and the total amount that you owe. It will be helpful to write down all your outgoings to gain an overall picture of your financial situation.

When making a list of your income and expenditure, try to ensure that you don’t miss anything. As well as payments that are taken from your bank account monthly you may have quarterly or annual bills and other amounts that you pay in cash such as bus fares and school dinner money. You should also make sure that you include creditors’ names on your list of outstanding balances together with details of how much you owe to each one.

As you choose from among the companies that offer debt management advice, make a careful study of how each of them goes about the process of managing bills and deferred payments. Take a note of their detailed plans and their specific pay off dates. The best companies will be able to work out for you a definite closing date for each of your accounts.

Whilst you are comparing the services offered by various companies, you may also want to compare the rates they charge. It is worthwhile noting, however, that the lowest rate does not necessarily guarantee the best standard of service. It is therefore wise to compare the range of services that each company offers to ensure that they cater for your distinct needs.

Back on Track Loans offers various methods to help you reduce your monthly outgoings. The company also provides debt consolidation loans for people with a poor credit history. Therefore, if you are not suitable for a DMP, you may find that a consolidation loan will help you. Because Back on Track has more than 250 lending options available the staff should be able to find a low cost product to suit you.

Buy Surety Bond & Contractor For Your Business & Take Benefit Of Our Knowledgeable Staff

Running a business often involves risks and predicaments. When offering services or products to your customers, there are chances of adverse incidents causing your business to fail. Being unprepared for the unexpected, most business owners often find themselves at a loss when undue occurrences thwart their success. A contractors bond improves the chances of success for any business based in Florida, while maintaining the reputation of the company. Protecting Your Business Reputation When clients or project managers hire your services, a contractors bond gives them the surety that your business will assist them in accomplishing their task.

The bond itself greatly increases their trust in your business. In the event something gose wrong with your services, the surety guarantees clients that the work will be execute regardless. For this reason, buying the surety bond in Florida is extremely important for the reputation for your company. Moreover, it proves that you are sincere about your business and concerned about your clients. How Contractors Bond Works The contractors bond includes an agreement between three parties: the client, the contractor and the surety firm. The surety firm guarantees the client that the contractor will carry out the agreement made between the client and the contractor. The client details the requirements of the bond in the contract agreement; the bond is secured by the contractor. This is scenario, your business acts as the contractor, giving the bond surety. The bonding process is normally complex. Individual surety firms have their own distinct rules and practices of underwriting. For this reason, you will need to rely on surety bond agencies or producers to provide the bond on your behalf. In your bid prices, you will need to include the cost of the bond.

Usually, only the final bond is charged by the surety firm, when you are granted the contract. Surety Bonds From Probond Suppose you were unable to keep the agreement due to reasons beyond your ability, the surety firm will intervene to ensure that the client’s task is still completed. Most business today are required a surety bond Florida, without which you can be helpless against the requirements of your client. The Probond Insurance Corp is one such surety firm that offers guarantees on the behalf of your business. Should something go wrong with your services, Probond will be ready to take the necessary action to secure the bond between you and your client. The surety company has knowledgeable team that will be able to guide you in determining the right bond surety needed for your business type. Be very clear when entering into any contract. Make sure that you understand the client’s expectations of your services. Be certain that your company can provide the required services to get the job done. A surety bond firm will be able to help you if the hindrance was out of your ability. Some businesses give out their services only to realize that they were not capable to begin with. By reading the fine print and understand the contract, you can be assured of running a successful and a reputable company.

What is Happening in The World of The Financial Advisor?

In the past the financial sector had an almost free run to do whatever it pleased. There have been at least 10 to 15 years of good economic growth worldwide with financial sectors benefiting the most.. As many of these companies could not hide the mess that they got themselves into the financial crisis that hit the world in 2006 and is still going on today, governments have had to rethink the way that the industry is many countries they have an independent financial body that regulates all financial products and also backs the customer with a compensation scheme. With fees now pushed to the limits with high numbers of individuals now claiming they have been miss-sold pensions and savings plans the Financial Advisor is under the spotlight.

A lot of financial advisors will work on a commission based salary which means that they are more inclined to recommend a certain product. The reason is because they will get paid more for offering this whether it is suitable for the client or not.Things are changing a lot now and the consumer is becoming more aware of what types of financial investments are available today. Many people who have invested heavily in pension plans and endowment type mortgages have been hit extremely hard due to the poor advice they were industry is now becoming extremely tightly regulated and consumers are looking to invest with private or individual financial advisors. The reason is because a lot of these private companies will work on a commission structure that rewards the adviser when the portfolio does well.

This means it is in their interest to ensure that the returns are high and the best possible financial advice is due to retirement ages now being raised by governments it is becoming more important for the individual to think about private tunes and investments as a way of being able to retire early. By planning this before it gets too late and individual can ensure that their investments and estate is in good order and that’s they have enough funds in their pension pots to retire and have a good standard of living.There are a wide range of regulated private investment institutions that will be able to provide a well-qualified financial advisor that will actually be able to construct a short and long-term financial plan. The wide range of these can be found with a quick Internet search.

Are You Aware of The Factors That Can Affect Fixed And Variable Canadian Mortgage Rates?

The price of governmental bonds along with their yield is among the main elements that has affected the fixed and variable Canadian mortgage rates. Bonds have emerged as a safer method to invest than the stocks. In the case of irregular economy, the investors are sure to reap benefits with the help of governmental bonds. With the market bull going upwards, the investors tends to earn more profits. This causes inferior demand for the bonds and it also reduces their value and yield. When Canadian economy is unstable and the stock is uninviting, the demand for the bonds witnesses a rise and their yield decreases.

As and when the Canadian government raises the prices for long term bonds, the yield tends to decrease. This is yet another factor that affects variable and fixed mortgage rates of Canada. This also decreases temporary acquirement prices for mortgage lenders, who can then transfer these savings to the consumers in the form of fixed mortgage rates. Across the world, the banks’ and markets liquidity shortage are indecisive for lending cash to each other. This understandably leads to high borrowing cost and the mortgage lenders take these prices to the borrowers in the shape of fixed mortgage rates.

Bank of Canada has emerged as a major player in setting up variable mortgage rates. The bank has no word in placing the prime rates for the lenders. Each financial institution is self-governing and they all are based upon short term finances. This means that the interest an individual pays is linked to the rate and will increase or decrease with the changes in rates. If Bank of Canada reduces the rates, the mortgage lenders will also be reducing the prices as well. This will also result in the decrease in borrowing prices. The payment made for variable mortgage rate will also decrease.

Various banks no longer lend money to each other as they don’t believe that they will be getting the money back which they will lend. The main reason behind this is the instability of the market. Different inter banks those who are lending mortgage rates have gone high and this increase is passed on to the borrowers in the form of higher rate of interest. This has become one of the elements that affect fixed and variable Canadian mortgage rates.

It is advisable to make yourself informed and stay protected.

How To Get Best Returns Through ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

The smart and healthiest way of investing is in, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. The full form of ICICI is industrial credit and Investment Corporation of India. In terms of market capitalization they are the largest private bank in India. They are highly acclaimed for their services to both the retail clients and the corporate clients. In fact people say that ICICI Mutual fund India is the best investment option available. Simply because they yield the highest returns to their clients.

The main aim of investing in the mutual funds is mainly to earn more money and in ICICI its fund performance decides the profit. Investing in the mutual funds actually has many benefits like liquidity, professional management of funds and many others. For high return you can go for the equity schemes as they are the best available option. To increase the fund investment and share holders some new ideas were injected into the market and SIP (systematic investment plans) is one of them. This plan has helped many people in making money like middle class people and rural people. In this plan monthly installments are already paid.

What is a mutual fund? It is more like representing a trust which is further engaged in collecting the funds from several individuals with the aim of investment. The best thing with mutual fund is that the investor can easily minimize the chances of loss simply by diversifying their assets. You can cover your loss by making profit in another one. Unlikely in share market lot of fluctuation takes place and the end result could be high profit or a humongous loss, which totally depends on the situation and the market. That’s the reason why Mutual funds are much more preferred one and the safer ones.

The three schemes under the investment in ICICI mutual funds are- prudential systematic investment plan, the benefit of this plan is that you don’t have to pay lump-some money at a single time, you can deposit it periodically. Next plan is ICIC prudential India’s systematic Transfer plan, in this plan one get’s a chance to pay big chunk of money in the market and if you want to transfer it to the other mutual fund you get a chance to do this on a regular interval. Then the last scheme is ICICI prudential systematic withdrawal option, in this scheme you can easily withdraw your current scheme and then can easily redeem your fund periodically.

These schemes are believed to be really helpful in making money. But one should never forget that it doesn’t matter how much mutual funds are beneficial, they are also open to the market risk. Investing money in it is not a problem but it is important to be aware of risks attached to it.

Acquiring Phone & Email Marketing Lists in the UK – Business Data Guide

One of the trends in the world of marketing today is sending newsletters and offers through the e-mail and over the phone. Reaching potential customers and giving them a piece of information about your products is very important, but getting them to read what you have to say is not easy at all.

Everyone’s on the internet today and everyone checks their mail daily. Knowing that everything happens on Smartphones, just give you a much clearer idea why e-mail and phone lists are so important.

Some people think that buying these lists is not a smart idea. However, they’re completely not right. This is the best way to reach people out there and get them in touch with your products.

In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to have in mind to do a great marketing campaign using these features. Read on if you want to learn about how to get the best business data in the UK!

Be careful who you buy data from

There are a lot of scammers online. Not just in this business but in everything that happens on the internet. You’ve surely seen all those African kings and lawyers who ask you to pay them money if you want to get some kind of prize. People fall for this, so imagine how many more fall on more sophisticated ones.

Always ask for a phone number and ask to talk to someone who’s a live person. Ask to see a representative if it is possible and see if there’s a possibility for someone to trick you. Usually, those who ask you to pay without real contact are not honest with their intentions.

Demand a 90% delivery rate

When you negotiate, make sure that the company providing the data can guarantee over 90% delivery rate. This is important because very often e-mails are being banned and deleted and it may happen your entire campaign to be a failure if you send all those product information and they end up in the spam section or don’t even get received by anyone.

The spam folder is rarely checked by any mail owner and these e-mails are being deleted after 2 to 4 weeks automatically by the system. See some facts and stats about the junk mail here.

To avoid this, you have to make an agreement with the provider of the mails that having more than 10% returned mails will also result in refunding your money. The normal percent is less than 10 and everything inside this frame is considered a standard.

Buy less for more

It’s not always about numbers. Sometimes, if not always, it’s better to pay more to get fewer contacts instead of paying less for a lot of contacts.

If you can get 100% true contacts, it’s wise to pay more instead of buying the same sum for receiving a list of mails that you’ll find out that most of them are not working. Well-targeted contacts can do a much better job than getting a ton of addresses that you can’t be sure what they’ll turn out to be.

In this case, quantity doesn’t mean quality. There’s no logic in sending thousands of mails to addresses that you don’t know if they’re working or getting notifications that you’re sending information into the dark part of the internet. 


No matter what some people say, marketing based on sending newsletters and information over the internet on people’s e-mails and phones is a great idea to do a marketing campaign. The only problem with it can be if you make a good one or you’ll end up as a failure just like many other campaigns did.

If you follow the advice written above you’ll surely do a great job. You just need to follow the rules and find the best company providing the data. When you get a great list you’ll see that you’ve made a great move. Read this article to see more about how to do a good job:

However, if you don’t pay extra attention to who you’re buying the information from, you might end up losing money, time, and resources and get nothing in return.

Don’t Commit These Deadly Sins In Canadian Lease Financing

Are there some ‘ deadly sins ‘ Canadian business owners and financial managers can make when it comes to lease financing in Canada? We think there are a good handful of them, at least 4, so let’s cove those off. More importantly, let’s talk about avoiding them and using business equipment leasing as a solid tool to help finance your business.

So, what are those 4 key areas of potential ‘ sins’ when it comes down to that asset acquisition decision? For us it comes down to:

Entering into the wrong type of equipment lease/ loan

Mistakenly purchasing the asset that in effect depreciates while at the same time providing your firm with certain benefits over a period of time

Entering into a term loan for the asset

And finally…

Working with the wrong lease finance firm

The good news is that there are some great solutions to avoiding today’s ‘ sins ‘ . A good place to start is spending some realistic time around both the costs and payments involved in your transaction, as well as any balance sheet and tax type issues that you might need to consider, if not now .. down the road!

The timing of cash outflows on your lease, versus the expected benefits is a key area to focus on. This is a classic way of weighing the alternatives to leasing. This analysis offers proof you are making the right decision!

Let’s use a typical example, which in today’s case will be the acquisition of a computer, or a whole computer system, as well as all the related costs that come with that, i.e. software, maintenance, etc. That’s an area of our businesses where real cash outlays are required these days!

So what must be considered in our example? Naturally actual cost is a factor. We have often said that using a financing mechanism such as asset finance in your business in effect helps you to remove what a dear friend of ours called ‘ the obstacle to innovation ‘. So just your ability to buy the best and the most with your dollars is one great way to ensure you’re not committing one of today’s ‘ deadly sins ‘.

Other factors you should consider are the depreciation and obsolescence that comes with an asset such as this … (or any other asset for that matter … in truth some assets depreciate quicker than others – a cement truck can be leased of financed for ten years). Note to reader: We don’t recommend financing computers and related equipment over a ten year period!!

Another key point is to ensure that the type of lease you enter into covers off what the leasing companies in Canada call the residual value, or end of term. Bottom line – focus on what you intend to do with the asset at the end of the term… is there some value still? If the asset can be replaced, upgraded, or still utilized it might be beneficial to enter into an operating lease versus a lease to own type scenario.

There are substantial differences in a loan versus a lease, including areas such as payment of the taxes, down payments required, balance sheet consequences, and credit requirements depending on who you are dealing with.

So who can give you a straight answer on what lease is best for you, and when? Resources include independent commercial lease companies, captive finance firms, bank leasing companies, etc. Or perhaps a solid decision is to use a Canadian business financing advisor who has strong relationships and knowledge about all of those resources, some of whom have very vested interests to make asset financing work more for them than you.